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Fire Extinguisher RT-A400 Halon 1211-1301


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Halon 1211/1301 blend model RT A400 is the smallest Halon fire extinguisher available on the market. Compact lightweight and low maintenance Model A400 is GA’s favourite and makes a great flight bag accessory. 12 year shelf life, Non-rechargeable these effective fine extinguishers contain a proprietary blend of the “liquid steaming agent”, Halon 1211, and the gaseous “total flooding agent”, Halon 1301. The blends power lies in the Halon 1301, which is both a fire fighting agent and a propellant. These compact, lightweight extinguishers are low maintenance and non-rechargeable.


Charge – kgs(lbs)0.40 (0.88)
Gross wt – kgs (lbs).53 (1.17)
ULC Fire Rating2B:C
Pressure psig100
Shell Dia – inch2.08
Unit Height – inch8.4
Shell MaterialAluminium
Handle MaterialAluminium



H3R Aviation


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