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Aerox 400-4D Oxygen System Standard


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Aerox Oxygen Systems include lightweight aluminum cylinders, regulators, all hardware, flowmeter, and nasal cannulas (masks available as an option). Oxysaver oxygen saving cannulas and Aerox Flow Control Regulators increase the duration of oxygen supply about four times, and prevent nasal irritation and dryness. The Emergency Oxygen Packs are lightweight aluminum, refillable, & have no life limit. Just put on the mask and open the valve; no adjustment is needed.

• 1, 2, & 4 place

• Standard Aircraft filler for easy filling

• Convenient top mounted ON/OFF valve

• Equipped with Aerox standard plug sockets

• Over pressure safety valve

• Built in cylinder pressure

400 Series Regulators

Push-pull quick connects – fast, positive one-handed operation.

Each output independently controllable with needle valve control for flow.

Flowmeter in each delivery tube – calibrated tube accurately shows flow by altitude, doubles as flow indicator.

Eliminates wasted oxygen – needle valve control of flow by each user allows exact adjustment for both altitude and type of delivery equipment.

When used with Oxysaver Cannulas, oxygen supply is extended by about 75%. No tools required for assembly.

All metal construction – made to last.

Piston mechanism in regulator maintains accuracy without recalibration.

The compact design saves space and weight. May be used with Oxysaver cannulas or standard cannulas which are allowed up to 18,000 ft MSL; or with masks to accurately supply oxygen above 18,000 ft MSL. Change from Oxysaver to mask simply by removing tubing from outflow end of flowmeter, attaching the hose from the mask and increasing the flow accordingly. Lifetime limited factory warranty.

Contents: Aluminum Cylinder, with 2 Oxysaver Cannulas, Flowmeters, Adjustment Needle Valves, Plug-ins,1 mask, Cylinder valve and Pressure Gauge.




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