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Airfields Directory Book for Southern Africa 6th Edition


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The most useful and comprehensive full colour airfield and flight information handbook available for Southern Africa! Includes a Jeppesen Airfield Chart and a Frequency Guide.

6th Edition now includes even more photographs, diagrams and leisure information!

Still the most complete airfield information guide available for southern Africa!

Providing the latest airfield and leisure destinations information for:
Angola * Botswana * Lesotho * Malawi * Mozambique * Namibia * South Africa * Swaziland * Zambia * Zimbabwe
An essential tool for every pilot, this publication is a must in every flight bag.

  • elevation and location data
  • communication and navigation frequencies
  • runway details including aerial photographs or diagrams
  • cautionary and hazard notes including airfield obstacle information
  • operator details
  • facilities available including details of ATC, fuel availability, maintenance, hours of attendance, security and car hire
  • lodging and leisure information.
  • fly-in destinations

Also in this edition:

  • hints, tips and all you need to know about flying in Africa from bush flying to African diseases, checklists, flight rules, flight safety, emergency procedures, interception procedures, foreign licence validations and entry requirements for each country!
  • details on how to fill in and submit flight plans correctly including various examples.
  • heliports in southern Africa.
  • navigation aids.
  • ICAO location indicators.
  • conversion tables.
  • morse codes.
  • airspace classifications.
  • weather wise explains all you need to know on how to understand weather forecasts including weather decodes, cloud charts and symbols.
  • sunrise/sunset table.
  • world aircraft registrations list.
  • detailed list of ATC telephone numbers.

Blue Pages

A complete listing of airfields with page numbers or cross reference information.

Yellow Pages

Your complete telephone list of aviation services from foreign embassies and consulates to charter companies, flight schools and aircraft maintenance operations.


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