Rexon RHP-530 Transceiver with VOR


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  • VOR navigation with CDI760 COM channels and 200 NAV channels
  • 10 weather channels
  • 100 memory channels
  • 121.5MHz emergency frequency recall
  • Semi-duplex operation
  • Scanning of COM and NAV bands
  • Dual watch function
  • One touch selection of active and standby frequency
  • Side tone function
  • LCD back light


D.C. Supply Voltage 7.5V
Frequecy range TX 118.000MHz~136.975MHz(143.975 optional)
RX 108.000MHz~136.975MHz
Wheather channels: FM
161.650~163.275MHz(USA Only)
Type of Emission 6K00A3E(AM), 16K0G3E(FM)
Channel Spacing 25KHz
Temperature range O.P. -22~+55
Frequency Stability +/-2.0ppm
Relative Humidity 70%~90%
Battery Life(With BP-17L) Without power save 8hr
With 1/2 duty cycle 16hr
With 1/3 duty cycle 18hr
Power Off Current Drain 75uA
External microphone impedance 150 Ohm
Speaker impedance 4 Ohm
Antenna impedance 50 Ohm
Dimensions 60.5*140*44.5mm
Weight 0.38Kg
Shock Resistance Meet MIL STD 810 C/D/E/F
Moisture & Dust Resistance According to IEC529 & IP54
RF Output Power 1.5W(CW), 5.0W(PEP) Typical
Adjacent Channel Power 60dB
Current Drain 950mA
Modulation Type Low level Modulation
Modulation Limiting 70~100%
Conducted Spurious Emission <1GHz -46dBm, >1GHz -40dBm
Audio Harmonic Distortion 10%(@85%+/-3dB Modulation)
Hum and Noise 40dB @30% Modulation
Configuration Double Conversion Super heterodyne
1st IF(46MHz), 2nd IF(455KHz)
Sensitivity AM 0.55uV@6dB S/N 1KHz
0.65uV@12dB Sinadwith CCITT
FM 0.5uV(@12dB SINAD)
Squelch Sensitivity AM 0.25uV
FM 0.3uV
Adjacent Channel Rejection 60dB
Intermodulation Response rejection 64dB
Blocking 70dB
Spurious Emission -57dBm from 9KHz to 1GHz
-47dBm from 1GHz to 4GHz
Spurious Response Rejection 70dB
Audio Distortion 5%
Standby Current Drain 65mA(without power save)
35mA(with 1/2 Duty Cycle)
20mA(with 1/3 Duty Cycle)
Audio Output Power 500mW@10% Distortion


Inside The Box:

1 X RHP-530 Radio

1 X belt clip

1 X antenna

1 X battery pack

1 X charger

1 X headset adaptor

1 X user manual





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