SureCheck Pro Checklist CFI Rating


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Rating checklists are unique to the SureCheck brand. This student aid and checkride guide incorporates FAA PTS standards for new ratings. Also serves as a handy reference during all phases of training. Each rating card is packed with a wealth of information not found anywhere else in such a complete configuration. Perfect for students and seasoned pilots to renew rating certs.

Procedures and Tolerances for:

Short & Soft Field T/O
Lazy Eights
Steep Turns (360°)
Maneuv. Slow Flight
Power Off Stalls
Power On Stalls
X Controlled Stalls
Elevator Trim Stalls
Secondary Stalls
Short / Soft Landing
Turns Around a Point
Basic Attitude Instrument Flying
Unusual Flight Attitudes
Emergency Approach & Landing
Eights on Pylons
and more


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