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Fate is the Hunter (DVD)


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Very loosely based on the book by international flying and sailing expert, Ernest K. Gann, Fate is the Hunter has finally been captured on dvd in a pristine format with excellent, distortion-free video and audio components – the audio track is captured separately as an extra feature. The story follows the character of Jack Savage – playboy, adventurer, and a seat-of-the-pants pilot – ably portrayed by the venerable Rod Taylor. Following a fatal passenger plane crash in which the tragic pilot is singled out as the cause, the story is told in a series of flashbacks that attempt to restore the unfortunate and voiceless victim. Saddled with the investigation and the ultimate reconstruction of the crash, is airline executive Sam McBane, wonderfully and capably played by Glenn Ford. McBane flew with Savage in the past and understands his complex character – he knows that Savage was a man of compassion – who wanted to help and not hurt.


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