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Understanding CATS & CARS by Phillip Marais


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Essential knowledge of the law for any professional pilot. Professional pilots are faced with the difficult task of understanding and applying various parts of the law in their daily operation of aircraft. For every initial licence test or revalidation, this knowledge is assessed. It is not necessary for pilots to memorize the law, but a working knowledge that enables them to apply it during daily operation is essential. This task is made tedious and difficult by the structure, continuous cross-referencing and legalistic language of the CATS and CARS.

The purpose of this book is to make it easy for instrument-rated,commercial and airline transport pilots to obtain and understand the minimum required knowledge. In order to achieve this, the requirements from the CATS and CARS are:

• Put in content – presented as a pilot would use them when preparing for a flight.

• Compiled together – related CATS and CARS are integrated. • Summarized – only the law used practically by the pilot has been included.

• Illustrated – making it easy to remember the various requirements. Sections of the CATS and CARS are covered, as well as other aspects that form part of the required knowledge.

Information has been rewritten and compiled in an understandable and usable way – this is not simply a copy and paste of the CARS and CATS. The book also serves as a quick reference handbook (QRH) for TAF and METAR decodes, operation in adverse weather, AIP/ICAO chart decodes, and easy refreshing of a pilot’s knowledge of the law.

Understanding CATS and CARS includes:

• All Weather Operations (AWOPS)

• Performance requirements

• Fuel Planning

• Operational information

• Instrument procedures

• Flight and Duty- Licensing


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