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ASA Hoodwink View Limiting Device


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Convenient. Lightweight. Comfortable. It’s the most innovative view-limiting device ever!

All pilots must practice instrument procedures as part of their training curriculum, from private pilots to those working towards an instrument rating. This is usually accomplished by wearing a view-limiting device to restrict the pilot’s vision to the instrument panel, which prevents the pilot from looking outside the cockpit for a visual reference to his or her attitude and location.

The Hoodwink is unlike any other view-limiting device available.Its unique design easily and automatically springs open when removed from its pouch and packs away for storage with just a simple twist. Hoodwink is lightweight, yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of daily use. In fact, it’s so lightweight that pilots may forget they’re wearing it! The compact 4″x4″ slim pouch is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket or in almost any flight bag compartment. Hoodwink can be used with or without headsets. One size fits all and pilots will love its comfortable, unobtrusive functionality.

With flight bags bursting at the seams these days, Hoodwink is a welcome addition for the student or instructor looking to lighten the load. Instructors can even carry one around as a spare for students who may forget to bring their own hoods. It’s the ultimate in form, function, and convenience!


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